WeCastA revolutionary podcasts player

A podcast player where users generate and tag relevant content on an episode timeline and share extra information about any given episode, making it accessible to fellow listeners.

  • The Revolution starts now!

    Imagine the following scenario: You are listening to an episode of your favorite podcast when the guest mentions a topic you don't know or can't remember. It could be the name of an actor, a movie title, a character in a video game, or a historical event.

    Wouldn't it be cool to be able to look at your smartphone screen and see at that very moment a picture or text informing you that particular topic?

    It could display a movie poster, the actor's photo, a book cover, a picture of the character, the discography of a band, and more!

    Now all this is possible with WeCast!

  • Share your knowledge

    More often than otherwise our favorite podcasters share outdated or mistaken information. Now you will be able to add text and images to update or correct that episode's content and your update will be available to all other listeners.

  • Straight to the Point

    On WeCast you will be able to add timeline markers indicating every session of an episode, from its very beginning to the email or feedback session, to the spoiler alert session, and others. You simply touch the screen and will skip straight to the desired position.

  • This is the ultimate podcast listening experience!

    On WeCast you will be able to:

    Subscribe to any podcast that has a RSS Feed (even those not on iTunes)
    Easily build your own playlist
    Gain fast access to the latest episodes of all podcast you subscribed
    Download episodes or start listening immediately via streaming
    Stop worrying about available hard drive space. You can just customize the episode retention options and WeCast will take care of the rest
    The cover art of more famous podcasts will automatically adapt to fit more appropriately on the screen of each smartphone model. Just try it, compare to others and don't look back!